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China UK Business Association (CCCB), bring together businesses, academics, diplomats, the media, NGOs, politicians, policy-makers, on core issues and promote the exchange of best practice between China, UK and the Europe.


Being a member of CCCB is an effective way of creating new business contacts, building networks and staying informed on Sino- British business.


As a member you will get:


Membership Benefits Access to our exclusive senior business and political networks;

Membership Benefits The opportunity to participate in a number of seminars, briefings, lunches, breakfasts, workshops, site visits, conferences and social events;

Membership Benefits The possibility to host and/or sponsor events in cooperation with CCCB;


Membership Benefits Access to full range of CCCB online information with latest business opportunities, member directory, and even post your ads on demand;

Membership Benefits The chance to market your company to a unique and extensive Sino-British target group through publications, website, mail-shots, etc.

Membership Benefits Access to CCCB's tailor-made services, offering business advice, matchmaking, market analysis and government relationships, etc. 


Membership Benefits You will receive a voucher offering you free advice and information up to the value of £200 per year. Once you have used the value of the voucher, you will receive a 15% discount on all our services throughout your remaining membership year.


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